The first post.

My goal is to tell your story.

My objective is to help you capture your audience – to create trust with and entertain them, and to inform and motivate your market. It’s about using my voice to reach your goals.

After years of people saying “Gee! You should be in broadcasting!” or something similar, when they hear me on the telephone or speaking into a mic, I finally bit the bullet, put together a studio and got some great mentorship. Now I am building a business by starting with audiobooks, gaining experience with each new title.

So have a listen to my professional sample (one uploaded; more to come), enjoy a joke or story in the Fun Stuff section, and then drop me a line – let’s see what we can accomplish together!

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Why Harnmarsh?

  1. It's catchy and easy to remember.
  2. It's an old college nickname.
  3. There is a story behind it.


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